Chickens On A Spaceship

EarthMolly24 logged on

SpaceAlex17 logged on

SpaceAlex17: Hey! I made it to Soetune! 😀

EarthMolly24: Yay!

EarthMolly24: I mean, dangit! I was hoping you would explode and then I would never have to hear your stupid voice again. >;-[

SpaceAlex17: Hardy har har. Love you too, sis.


EarthMolly24: Anyway

EarthMolly24: How was the trip? See anything cool?

SpaceAlex17: No, unfortunately. I was actually really busy

EarthMolly24: Too busy to look out  a window?! What were you even doing??

SpaceAlex17: Well, I kind of

SpaceAlex17: Accidentally

EarthMolly24: What? What did you do? O.O

SpaceAlex17: Unleashed the chickens

SpaceAlex17: Hello? Are you there, Molly?

EarthMolly24: I’m sorry, I was just LAUGHING so hard XP

EarthMolly24: How does that even HAPPEN?

SpaceAlex17: It’s a long story

SpaceAlex17: Buckle down, grab some snacks, it’s going to take me a while to write out my reply

EarthMolly24: Okie dokie

SpaceAlex17: So it all began on the fourth night. Ernie and I had gotten lost in the corridors of the ship, so we just ducked into what we thought was a broom closet and about about doing our ~thing~ when we bumped up against this cage. I just gotta say real quick, the cages they had for these chickens were really poorly made and really old. It must have been made in like 2030 or  something. So the next thing we know, there are chickens all over everything and they are ANGRY. We fall against the other wall, which is also lined with cages, releasing even more chickens. So. Many. Chickens. Ernie and I run out of there, half naked, getting chased by probably HUNDREDS of angry chickens. Needless to say, the crew on the ship was not happy with us. We spent the next six days helping them round up the chickens. Most of them were dead. A few were just injured. A few actually thrived and had baby chicks. And a few were never found.

EarthMolly24: Wow

EarthMolly24: Um

EarthMolly24: You really took down those chickens, huh

SpaceAlex17: Not now, Molly! I don’t want to be reminded of all the times I killed our pet gerbils 😦

EarthMolly24: You didn’t kill them, you took them down to protect our Barbie empire!

SpaceAlex17: -.-

SpaceAlex17: It’s not funny, once I realized what death was I was scared for life

SpaceAlex17: Gosh, Molly, am I destined to cause always cause animals harm?? I don’t want to be a terrible person!


You may as well check that box; you’ve already taken down the chickens.

SpaceAlex17: :C

SpaceAlex17 logged off

EarthMolly24: Sorry sis , I was just giving you a hard time

EarthMolly24 logged off



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