Will You Be My Mr. Super Produce?

Rachel held Scott’s hands and led him to the garage. “Keep your eyes closed, Scott!” She reminded him.

“I know, I know. I just wish you would tell me what is going on!” Scott laughed. Rachel had been acting weird all day, he was curious to see if this surprise was why.

“Okay… open your eyes!” Rachel stepped away from Scott. He blinked open his eyes and saw… green. Green everywhere. Green on the floor, green on the walls, green on the shelves, green was even on the ceiling. It took Scott a few moments to realize why green was everywhere.

“Is this… grass?” Scott said, bewildered. “How is there grass in your garage?” He reached down and pulled at the grass. It was actually growing up from the concrete! Scott took a few steps further into the garage and saw that each square foot of grass was different. There were different shades and shapes of the blades. He looked at the walls and saw bamboo and fountain grass. He looked in the corners and saw Japanese forest grass and Mexican feathergrass. There was also wheat and barley growing from the ceiling. Scott noticed these ones when he walked into them. “Rachel, what…” He turned to her and gestured around him. “What?!”

“This is my accidental grass collection.”

Was Rachel’s response. Her hands were clasped behind her back and she smiled shyly at him. “It started when we had dinner a few months ago, when we had the organic corn on the cob, remember that? I had to come in here to get something or other and I brought my corn with me, and a few kernels fell. I stepped on them and they began to grow. The corn plants are over here.” Rachel walked over to a few stalks of corn. “A few days later I tracked in some grass seeds from the lawn and that began to grow, then some weeds. I finally noticed everything growing in here, and I decided to just go with it. I started looking for new kinds of grasses that I could grow, and I organized them into nice squares.” Scott stared at her in disbelief.

“So this is what you do when we aren’t delivering produce or making out?”

“For the past few months, yea.” Rachel took a deep breath. “So… what do you think?”

Scott slowly turned in a circle. Rachel wrung her hands, more nervous than she probably should be. “I love it!” Scott exclaims with a laugh. Rachel breaths a sigh of relief. “I love that you brought so much nature inside, and I love that you are gaining more control of your powers! Though I mean, we’ve been doing this since highschool, so improvement is kind of expected…. and I mean, we have both seen improvements, like I can spawn fruits and vegetables other than apples and you have gotten so good at growing plants….” He trailed off when he turned back to Rachel and saw her down on one knee.

“Scott, we’ve been delivering produce to people together for a while now, and now that we’ve both graduated from college, me with a degree in botany and you with a degree in non-profit business management, I think we’re ready to become Mr. and Mrs. Super Produce. I have money saved for a truck so we won’t have to ride our bikes anymore, and we-”

“Say no more!” Scott got down in front of Rachel. “I would love to be your non-profit business partner.” The pair stood up together and hugged. They were ready to spread the gift of organic spawned produce to the world. Or aleast their local area.


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