Spy Mission 001

“Are you ready to go? Batman out.” Alfred said into his brand new walkie-talkie.

“Wonderland here. Ready. Out.” Alice responded into her matching walkie-talkie.

“Move out, Wonderland. Out.” The pair sneak stealthily up to a large, intimidating building from opposite sides. They crouch down and creep towards the back door. When they meet, Alfred starts making complicated gestures with his hands. “What?” Alice whispers.

“Shhh!!” Alfred repeats the gestures, slightly annoyed. Alice holds up her hands in confusion.

“I don’t know what you want!”

“Alice! We have been working together for like our entire lives! How do you not know that this means that I will open the door and make sure it’s clear, then you will follow me in and we will army crawl around the island on opposite sides and meet at our target, then you will use me as a step to reach the target. Okay?” Alice thinks for a moment, then nods. Alfred sighs. “Now remember to be quiet!” He slowly opens the door and pokes his head in. He can hear a shower running upstairs and a TV in the living room, but no one is in the kitchen. He goes inside.

“This our first spy mission…” Alice mumbles as she follows him.

They drop to the ground and crawl on their elbows. Alfred goes to the left, Alice to the right. They nearly bump into each other on the other side.

“Be careful!” Alfred hisses.

“I’m sorry!” Alice snaps.





“Kids, what are you two doing?” A voice says. The twins look up to see their mother in the doorway to the kitchen. She is wearing her robe and her hair is wrapped in a towel. Alfred and Alice had been so focused on their mission that they didn’t notice the shower they had heard earlier turn off.

“Mommy! How did you find us?” Alfred stands to his feet.

“I could hear you.” Their mom said.

“But…” Alice started.

“I’m not wearing any cowbells.”

“No,” Mom chuckles. “But my mommy ears could hear you two starting to argue. Now off to bed, put your walkie talkies in your toybox and brush your teeth and get your jammies on…” The twins tune out their mother’s voice as she grabs their hands and leads them away. Alfred and Alice look wistfully over their shoulders at the jar of cookies on top of the refrigerator. Maybe next mission will be more successful.


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