Spy Mission 002

“Let’s go to the woods, Alice. We can practice our secret spy mission,” Alfie suggested hopefully.

“Why the woods?” Alice wondered.

“Cuz it’s cool,” Alfie insisted.

Alice rolled her eyes. “You just like climbing trees.”

“What if I do? Can we go?”

“Mom!” Alice shouted.

Their mother poked her head around the doorway from the next room. “What is it?”

“Can we go to the woods?” Alfie asked.

“I suppose,” she said, and Allie grinned. “Bring some water!” she added before she lost the kids’ attention completely, “and be home before dinner.”

Alfie paused just long enough to say “okay, Mom” before dashing off towards the door, closely followed by Alice.

“Now what?” asked Alice once they had entered the woods (which were really a small greenbelt at best, not that it mattered to them). “You said we were gonna do a secret spy mission.”

“Okay,” Alfie responded. “Let’s pretend that tree is the cookie jar,” he said, pointing to the tree in question.

“How can a tree—” Alice broke off, turning around to look for the source of the sudden rustling of twigs and leaves that had interrupted her. “What’s that?”

Alfie shrugged. A second later, his eyes lit up. “Maybe it’s a UFO!”

“What, from Uranus or something?”

Alfie giggled. “You said Uranus.”

“Shut up,” said Alice. “Are we gonna do a secret spy mission?”

“Yeah!” Alfie answered enthusiastically, forgetting at once about the innate hilarity of the planet Uranus. “So I’ll go left and you go right—”

“Which one’s right?” Alice asked.

“That way,” Alfie hissed, pointing to the left. “Then we meet here and tell each other what we saw.”

Alfie crept to the right while Alice stomped to the left. After a minute, they came across a figure standing in the shadow of a tree.

“Aah!” Alice and Alfie screamed in perfect unison, cheesy horror movie style. The figure stepped out of the shadow and revealed itself to be…

A kid about their age.

“Do you hide in the woods and scare people a lot?” Alice demanded.

The new kid shrugged. “Sometimes, I guess.”

“Are you from Uranus?” Alfie asked excitedly.

“Maybe,” replied the new kid with a smile.

“Wow,” Alice said.

The woods on Uranus would be really scary.


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