Tom’s Band

Tom had always wanted to be in a band.

The only problem was that he lacked any sort of musical skill whatsoever. Not only that, but he lacked the desire to make any attempt to improve his abilities.

In his twenty-seventh year of life, he was sharing his ideas for band names with an acquaintance (who, disappointingly, was unimpressed with such creative names as Tissue Box Rock). Quite suddenly, the acquaintance asked Tom, “Why haven’t you started your band yet?”

Tom was shocked: the acquaintance had made an excellent point! Sure, he couldn’t sing or play an instrument, and neither could any of his friends, but how could he have let that stop him? With a sudden surge of energy, Tom leapt to his feet, shouted, “Dear goodness! You’re right!” and ran out of the room.

Two weeks later, Tom had a real, proper band. Sure, maybe it was just him and a couple of friends screeching and banging randomly on a guitar, but if they called it a band, it was a band. They even had a YouTube channel with a huge following of three billion people. Okay, maybe it was three thousand. Or seven hundred. Or seventy-five. All right, all right. Seventeen. Seventeen people were subscribed to the band’s YouTube. They even had a comment on their first video! Sure, it was criticizing the band, saying

It’s where the music went to die.

But hey, what can you expect from YouTube comments?


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