Peace Bubbles

“Liseth, darling, come over here. I need to bottle some of your angst. That lady down the street needs more anti-angst syrup for her son.” Caroline said. Liseth sighed, rolled her eyes, and walked over to where her mother stood. Caroline made a slow plucking motion at Liseth’s forehead until a thick, black substance began to come out. She directed it to an open bottle, and kept going until the bottle was full. “This is such a dilly supply! Thank you baby. I mean, sorry you have so much angst, but thank you for making mama some money!” Liseth shook her head as her mother practically skipped away. She dragged her feet back behind the counter of the Bottled Store.

“How come nothing interesting ever happens in this goopy store.” Liseth groaned.

“I know how to make you feel better!” Rose, Liseth’s younger sister, exclaimed. “I just helped Mama bottle some happiness! Can I make you some happy lemonade?”

“I want happy lemonade!” Wilbert, the girl’s younger brother, walked up.

“Nobody is getting any happy lemonade!” Their mother walked in, holding a small bottle of anti-angst. “All of the happy we have is for the orphans at the orphanage. The caretaker thinks making them happier will make them more adoptable. Now, I need to make this delivery, so you kiddos will have to run the store while I’m gone. Liseth is in charge. Bah-bye!” Caroline left with a wave. The bell on the door tinkled pleasantly as it closed.

“Wilbert, sweep the entry way. Rose, make sure all the shelves look nice. I am going to watch the door.” The eldest child sat on a stool as her siblings got to work. Neither of them minded the work, as they loved the store. Liseth, on the other hand, had never and would never enjoy working at the Bottled Store. She knew there is more to life than the family business, but she didn’t know how to find the more.

A man wearing black trench coat and black fedora walked into the store. “Hello, sir! Welcome to the Bottled Store! How-” The man brushed past Rose when she tried to welcome him. “Just ask if you need anything!” The ever positive girl said. The man strode to the counter where Liseth sat.

“What do you want?” Liseth snapped. Rose’s positivity always brushed her the wrong way, even when it wasn’t directed at her.

“I need bubbles.” The man said.

“What kind of bubbles?”

“I. Need. Bubbles.”

“Yes, sir, but I can’t help you unless you tell me what kind of bubbles.”

“Give me the bubbles I need!”

He pulled a gun out of somewhere. Liseth just looked at him. She had taken her strength and defense pills that morning, so she wasn’t worried about getting hurt.

“Calm down, sir. What kind of bubbles?”

“I am Robber Richard and I demand you give me bubbles!” He yelled. Rose snuck up behind him and whacked him with the broom Wilbert had been sweeping with. Richard fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Wilbert dipped a bubble wand in a bottle of peace and blew some bubbles in Richard’s face.

“I think he just needed some peace bubbles and didn’t know how to say please.” The little boy smiled. He was very proud of himself.

“Kiddos, I’m ba- WHAT HAPPENED?!” All three children winced. They had no idea how they would explain this to their mother.


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