Forest of Flowers (and Clones)

So I had this totally crazy dream last night, right? Like, I was in this… forest? Or something? But all the trees were like these giant flowers. Lots of bright colors and stuff. It was weird. Anyway, I was totally lost in there, and it was really weird and kind of trippy—

No, I wasn’t high!

Yeah, like I said, it was a dream.

Anyway, I’m in this weird forest thing, and it’s really weird, and I’m starting to get a little scared, right, ‘cause I’m in this place that looks like it should be on another planet or something, and I can’t find anyone else…

I mean, I think I must’ve been. I can’t really remember, ‘cause of it being a dream and all, but I remember I was freaking out about not finding them, so yeah.

I don’t know who I was looking for.

Yeah, I found— well, I said it was weird, right? I finally ran into someone. First I thought it was an animal, maybe a squirrel or something, and then I was like, what if it’s a weird colorful space squirrel? And I was a little worried, right, but then I realized it was just a person. But then it wasn’t just a person. It was me.

No, I was also me. Like, there were two of me.

Yeah, I know.

Right, so other me looks at me, all creepy staring and stuff, and then she makes that hand gesture that tells you to follow someone… what’s that called, anyway?

It could be, I guess? I don’t know, sounds familiar.

So anyway, I follow her, ‘cause what could go wrong, right? And she takes me to this clearing in the woods, and there are all these tents set up, and they look just like those normal tents that people go camping in and stuff, which seems totally wrong in the middle of this weird forest. And then all these people came out of the tents, and they’re also me. So I’m in this giant flower forest, surrounded by, like, thirty clones of me, and I’m like, where did you all come from? And they’re like, where did I come from, and I didn’t know, since it’s a dream, and they said they didn’t know either, and I was like okay, fair enough.

Dream logic, I guess. So then I asked how they tell each other apart, ‘cause they all look like me, right? And the one who brought me there is suddenly holding this dictionary, and she’s says they open it to a random page and pick a word to be their name, so I take it and open it. And I get assigned Dream as my name. And I was like, I’m glad we have names and all, but how do we actually tell each other apart? And one of them — I think her name was Junior — said it was what they were wearing. And I noticed they were all wearing different colors, all these same weird bright colors from the flowers and stuff. And they said I had to go back out into the forest to find a new color. Dream me said okay, but then Junior me said there was only color left, which there totally couldn’t have been, but again, dreams, I guess. And they showed it to Dream me, and it was this super ugly barf green.

Dream me was so mad.

‘Cause they wanted Dream me to go out into this weird forest by myself to find this gross color, and then wear it for the rest of my life? So Dream me started yelling at Junior me and all the other ones too, I guess, and they were all shushing Dream me, ‘cause it would disturb the animals or some crap. But maybe they were right, ‘cause just then this big flower with legs comes into the clearing, making this beeping noise and spewing that barf green everywhere.

Yeah, so it turns out the beeping was my alarm, and then I woke up.


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