Mom, I Don’t Wear Red. I Wear Black.

He’ll be in a black turtleneck before you know it. Then you’ll say, “Hmm.”

Linda could not stop thinking about what her friend had said. Did she really think Hunter would become one of them?? “No, not my son,” Linda assures herself. “Hunter may be a pain sometimes, but he will always wear red turtlenecks. That’s how I raised him.” Linda goes to her son’s room to check on him. She goes to knock, hesitates, and then opens the door.

“Mom! What are you’re doing?! Get out of my room!” Hunter yells. Linda gasps. Her son is wearing a black turtleneck. A trunk full of the dastardly things is open in the middle of the floor.

“Hunter! Why are yout wearing a black turtleneck? We are full blooded red turtleneck wearers!” She gestures to the red turtleneck she is currently wearing.

“Mom,” Hunter sighs, “you can’t say this is a surprise. I’ve been trying to hint at it for awhile, hoping you would let me know if it was okay… I guess I know now. You don’t accept me anymore.”

“Hmm.” Was her only response. Hunter put some pants, underwear, and socks in the trunk, and then dragged it out of the house. Linda didn’t try to stop him.


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