The Farm

Either there is chicken or there is no chicken.

Jasmine looks at Violet. “Which is it?”

“I don’t know, Jor- Jasmine. I mean, it is a farm, but I have no idea if they have chickens. Ryan doesn’t even know, and it’s his family’s property.” Violet glances at Ryan, who is currently driving. He is too deep in thought to realize that Violet is trying to ask for help. They are all still trying to get used to the alien that is in their friend Jordan’s body, but Ryan is having a harder time than Violet.

“Friend Violet, Jasmine must know if there are chickens. Chickens carry many, many diseases that could kill Jasmine. Friend Violet, don’t you know how dangerous chickens are? What about you, fri-”

“Don’t call me your friend. I don’t know what we are, but it ain’t friends.” Ryan snaps before Jasmine can finish. “And stop talking in the third person. It’s annoying, even when you’re using a normal human name.” He was the one who decided Blagblorg should choose a different name, since they can’t go by Jordan and no one has any idea how long they’ll be here. It has been an interesting journey. Violet and Deborah have spent a lot of time teaching Jasmine about the ways of humankind. This has been a very difficult task, despite Jasmine insisting that she did great in her human studies class. That is the reason why they are taking Jasmine to Ryan’s farm – it is an educational field trip.

“Okay, I don’t know what we are Ryan. Friend Violet, what about cows? Why do you drink the liquid they excrete that is meant for the cow’s offspring? It seems cruel to steal from a baby, even if it can carry scary parasites.”

“Well, Jasmine, that is a very good question. Um. Milk tastes good. And it has calcium, which is good for your bones.”

“But chalk has calcium, why not eat that?”

“Because chalk is not food.”


“It doesn’t taste good and it is not good for you.”

“But is has calcium, and you just said that calcium is good for you.”

“I-I did say that, but I was talking about the calcium in milk, not chalk.”

“How is the calcium any different? Why does it matter where the calcium comes from if you need it?”

“ENOUGH!” Ryan yells. The car is silent. Violet picks at her nails. Jasmine looks out the window.

“What are they growing out here? Cell phones? Cars?” Jasmine asks as they pass a field of corn.

“No, you don’t grow cars or anything man-made. Farmers grow food.” Violet replies.

“Like jello? Or the cheese that comes out of a can?”

“No, not those kinds of foods. Foods like corn, carrots, cabbage.”

“Foods that start with the letter ‘c’? Is that why they are called ‘crops’?” Violet laughs.

“No, not all of them start with ‘c’. There’s also strawberries, bananas, blueberries, lettuce, spinach, all kinds of things. We’re almost there, Jasmine. Prepare yourself.”

“How can I prepare myself, friend Violet? I have no supplies that I can use to prepare. I would very much like some anti-germ and anti-parasite and anti-bacteria and anti-virus agents, but you already said we have none of those things.”

“The animals are not going to hurt you, Jasmine.”

“But they could bite me or touch me or breath their germs on me. Jas- I am very worried about getting sick.”

“Just don’t put anything in your mouth and you’ll be fine.”

“What about food? I-don’t-know-what-we-are Ryan said we will be eating one of the daily three meals here. Can I put the food in my mouth?”

“Yes, Jasmine.” Violet shakes her head. She wonders how long the alien will act like a toddler. It’ll probably be like this for a while. Ryan reaches over and puts his hand on her knee. He gives her a small, ‘It’ll be okay’ smile. He knows that’s all it takes to bring her away from the edge. She pats his hand as a thank you. She hadn’t even realized she was getting worked up. Violet turns her gaze to the view outside the window. Ryan and Violet have grown very close this past year, when Jordan was in a coma. Now that Jasmine is in Jordan’s body, however, their relationship has taken a hit. But moments like this assure Violet that they’re okay.

“We’re here! We’re really at a farm! Look at the cows! AND LOOK – CHICKENS!” Jasmine jumps out of the car before they have come to a complete stop. Ryan and Violet jump out of the car, both ready to bolt after Jasmine if she runs away. They are shocked to see Jasmine running towards the chickens. Violet giggles.

“Maybe there is hope for her after all,” she says. Ryans nods.

“Yeah. Maybe.”


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