Spy Mission 003

“Just make sure he doesn’t feed the dog to the large snake.”

Alice and Alfie’s mother steps out the door. “Thank you so much for doing this,” she adds. Her husband calls to her from their car. “Have fun Chloe! And good luck!” Chloe shakes her head. This is going to be an interesting night, based on all the instructions Mrs. Felinus left her. If the twins go outside remind them to stay away from the alien in the woods, keep the box of throwing stars locked and on top of the fridge with the cookie jar, always have on your eyes on both of them because they can and will sneak out, be sure to feed each pet exactly according to the chart in the pet room, and other very specific things like that.

“What’s your name?” A tiny voice says. Chloe turns around to see a little girl.

“Hello! I’m Chloe, your babysitter. You must be Alice! Did you have a nice nap? Is your brother still asleep?” She asks.

“RRRAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” A battle cry comes out of nowhere, and suddenly Chloe is on the ground. She rolls over to see Alice and Alfie laughing their heads off.

“Good one, brother!” Alice giggles.

“No, no, not good one!” Their babysitter stands up. “You two – where did you go?” The twins were gone. “Alice! Alfie! C’mon out, I can’t have lost you already!” Chloe looks under the couches, behind the doors, under the kitchen table, in the fridge, in their beds, in the tub, on the playground, in the shed, and everywhere else she can think to look. After almost forty five minutes of frantic searching, Chloe has turned over every stone on the property, both figuratively and literally. There was only one place left to look – the pet room. She hadn’t looked there yet because the door was locked to keep the twins from messing with the animals. But the parents even doubled checked that the door was secure before they left, so it should be locked. Right?

“Alice, Alfie, are you where you’re not supposed to be?” Chloe calls down the hallway. The door to the pet room is cracked slightly. She opens the door all the way and peers in.

“Eat! Eat! Eat!” The twins are chanting.

“Hsssssss!” The snake is hungry.

“RuffgruffarkarkARK!” The dog is panicking. Just like Chloe.

“No! Nonononono!” She sprints across the room, jumping over dog toys and nearly knocking over a bird cage. Chloe yanks the dog from Alfie’s hands and slams the lid shut on the snake terrarium. “You can NOT feed the dog to the large snake!” She puts the dog on the ground. It runs and hides under a blanket.

“Okay.” Alice says. Alfie shrugs.

“We can just find something else to do.” Alfie leads his sister out. Chloe quickly follows suit. She isn’t going to make the mistake of taking her eyes off of them again.

“Mothership, mission success. She found us before total detonation.” Alfie whispers into his watch. Before Chloe can even wonder why his face is so close to his tiny child watch, the twins run off, and she sprints after them.


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