Stuck in Traffic

So I’m going to be a bit late to the party.

Yes, I know it’s my own party.

Um, maybe… an hour?

Well, it’s actually not that late, all things considered.

It’s a bit of a long story.

So you know how Rachel’s birthday is just two days before mine, right? So I wanted to get her something for her birthday before I left.

Well, I got on a bike and went over to the candy store, and on the way there I passed this big protest, so I had to go around it and it took longer than it should have, but everything was going okay, right? So I got Rachel some chocolate—

No, nothing fruity, thought she might be sick of that—anyway, I got this nice little thing of chocolate, thought it’d be really cute and all, and then on the way back I called Rachel ‘cause I wanted to make sure she was home so I could drop off the chocolate. And she was, so we were just chatting a little when suddenly someone else was biking past me in the opposite direction. And I got over to the right so that we could pass each other, but it made me hit this little rock—

I was fine, yeah. Except I was still on the phone with Rachel, remember?

So I dropped my phone into the spokes of my bike and spilled my chocolate everywhere and I missed my flight

‘Cause I was already cutting it a bit close, what with having to go around the protest and all—which takes forever on a bike, by the way—but then I had to go back to Rachel’s house without a present and promise to mail her one. She was really nice about it, especially considering it was her bike and on top of that I had to use her computer to print my boarding pass, since I’d been planning to use my phone—

Yeah, you can do that now. Didn’t work out for me, obviously, but other people can do that now.

But by the time I’d done all that and then gotten stuck in traffic again on the way to the airport, I was too late. So I had to take my flight home the next day, which is right now—

Right now right now. Boarding is starting.

Yes, sorry, but I’ve really got to go or I’ll be even later—

Look, my roommate will let you in—

I’ll talk to you when I land, bye!


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