A Tool of Mass Destruction

“It’s not exactly sanctuary when there’s an impending screwdriver.”

Alex and Molly’s father grumbles. Molly sighs.

“Daddy, Traefaelae is an official sanctuary planet, nothing will be able to hurt us. Not even the screwdriver.” Molly says. Her dad scoffs.

“The screwdriver is a weapon of mass destruction. A tool that is used to create death. Avada kedavra, it says. It will be able to kill us!” He exclaims and points at the sky for emphasis.

“But, Dad, we don’t even know what the screwdriver is. It could be a literal screwdriver that they want to throw at things.” Alex replies.

“Space flight 8482, destination Traefaelae, boarding now. Space flight 8482, destination Traefaelae, boarding now.” A voice came over the intercom in the space-port.

“That’s our flight,” Molly stands. “Hey! This is going to be our first space trip all together!”

“Oh yea, it is!” Alex laughs. “Too bad it has to be when we are fleeing the galaxy.” Molly’s shoulders slump.

“Yeah… we made a lot of memories in this galaxy.”

“We made all of our memories in this galaxy,” Their father says. The girls laugh. The trio board their ship and get settled in their seats. The interior looks more or less like a 21st century passenger plane.

Several minutes later, the ship is taking off. A few minutes after that, they are saying goodbye to their home planet, possibly for the last time, depending on how this war goes.

Molly turns to look out the window. “Goodbye, home. Hello, planet of the face babies.”


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