Space Camp!

Blagblorg jumped up and down excitedly. “Blagblorg goes to space camp!” Blagblorg yelled.

Jane scrunched up her face in that way some species do when they aren’t entirely pleased with their current situation. “I’m glad you’re excited, please but not so loud.”

“But space camp is space camp,” Blagblorg whispered excitedly, as though worried Jane hadn’t gotten the message. “And Blagblorg will go.”

Jane grinned. “It is a lot of fun,” she agreed. “I went a couple years back.”

“Jane went to space camp?” Blagblorg asked, somehow managing to sound even more excited than before, though Blagblorg was trying not to raise Blagblorg’s voice too much. “Where did Jane go? Earth? Traefaelae? All the way to another galaxy?”

Jane laughed. “Not quite that far.”

“Then where did Jane go?”

“They took us to see a supernova.”

“Cool,” said Blagblorg, looking up as though expecting to see the stars, even though they were indoors. “Where else did space camp take Jane?”


“How far did Jane go? What was Jane’s favorite planet? Did Jane get to ride in a rocket ship?”

“I—” Jane began again.

“How awesome was space camp? How long was Jane there?”

“I only got to go the once—”

“Only once?” Blagblorg looked put out. “Did Jane not like space camp?”

“No, it was fun, but—”

“Then why did Jane not stay?” Blagblorg demanded.

“Because space camp is—” Jane tried again.

“Fun!” Blagblorg interrupted. “Jane should go back to space camp!”

Jane was starting to get fed up.

Listen dude, nobody goes to space camp all the time, okay!

Blagblorg crossed Blagblorg’s arms. “Blagblorg will go to space camp all the time,” Blagblorg insisted.

“You do that, kid.”

A note about grammar:
Based on previous posts, the language spoken on Blagblorg’s planet of origin does not have pronouns. Hence Blagblorg’s third person dialogue and the awkward refusal to refer to Blagblorg as he, she, they, or any other pronoun.


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