Spy Mission 004 and 005

It was August 28th, 2017. The first day of kindergarten for the spy twins, Alfie and Alice. Their first day of real, full time school. Pre-kindergarten was only in the mornings, three days a week, so they never really counted it as school. Plus, they never learned anything. Not because they had a bad teacher, but because Alfie already knew everything and Alice was too busy daydreaming.

The twins had just been dropped off. Unlike the other children, they didn’t cry. They knew their mother would be back at the end of the day – when their spy mission ended. The twins had to scope out the class, make sure it was up to their standard. They had gone to four different pre-k classes before they found one they liked, but only because their mother had said it was good enough. She was done doing paperwork to transfer them from class to class.

The twins walked in, hand in hand. They looked around, trying to find the children worthy of being their friends. Every single was snotty, or drooling, or screaming, or sobbing, except for two. There were two girls playing patty-cake on the carpet in front of the whiteboard.

“Hi! I am Alice, code name Wonderland and this is my twin brother Alfie, code name Batman. What are your names?” Alice asked cheerfully.

“Alice! You can’t just tell everyone our spy code names!” Alfie angrily whispered, spit flying everywhere. The two girls laugh.

“I am Sally, and this is bestest friend Kassandra. We don’t have code names,  but we would really like to a lot!” Sally stood and extended her hand to Alfie. “You can call me Goldilocks! Because I have golden hair, see?” She shook her head, making her blonde braid hit Kassandra.

“Sally! Your hair hit me!” Kassandra whined. “Now I won’t share my pudding with you!” She crossed her arms.

“No, best friend! I’m sorry!” Sally hugged her. Alice stepped forward and hugged them both.

“I love hugs,” she said, squeezing them tighter. After a second, they all took a step back. “Kassandra, what will your code name be?”

“Herpes!” She exclaimed. “My favorite toy is a Giant Microbe of a herpes cell. His name is Harold.

“What’s herpes?” Alice turns to Alfred.

“Nothing kids need to worry about, according to Father. I heard him talk about it with Mother and Aunt Mildred once. Remember that one time Aunt Mildred came over and she was crying and wouldn’t let us hug her?”

“Yea, I remember. Auntie was so sad because her boyfriend had lied to her.” Alice shuffled her feet. She hated to think about anyone being sad. So she decided to change the subject. “Alfie, we need to give our new spy agents a mission!”

“Yes, great idea! Maybe they could help us with our mission!”

“What mission?” Sally asked.

“We are supposed to scope out the class, see if it’s good enough for us.” Alfie replied. He turned around in a circle, looking at the class. The teacher was getting ready to start teaching, and most of the other kids didn’t seem to be as gross as they had been. Alfie noticed an empty tissue box in the trash can. “I think this class is good enough. The teacher cared for all the students that needed care, and the students themselves aren’t too bad.”

“And we already have two new friends! This is definitely a great class!” Alice jumped up and down and clapped her hands.

“Okay everyone, to the carpet! Sit a circle and we will play a fun game to get to know each other!” The teacher announced. Kids started to walk towards the spies.

“We will give you a mission at the end of the day,” Alfred whispered. Sally and Kassandra nodded.

After a full day of name games, snacks, rest time, play time, and learning the the ABC song, it was finally time for the parents to come pick up the children. The spies came together one last time while they waited for their mother and father to arrive.

“We have your mission!” Alice squeals. “Batman, tell them!”

“You’ve got about 3 weeks to become a wolf.”

Kassandra shakes her head. “Um, what?”

“Like, we need to be one wolf? Two people into one?” Sally tilts her head to the side, like a confused dog. “How do we do that?!” But the twins mother had already grabbed their hands and was taking them home, leaving the girls to ponder if this spy thing was really going to be worth it.


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