On One of Starlight’s Many Moons

Dear Diary,

We have been on the run from the screwdriver and those who control it for 273 Earth days. We are currently on one of the many moons orbitng the planet Starlight. It is a human planet, first colonized by the old country of Switzerland. Many generations later, the people still act as their descendants did, staying nuetral in interplanetary matters.

They are currently allowing refugees from both sides to stay on their moons. Alex, Dad and I have been here for three days. We are planning on staying here for half an orbit, which is 37 Earth days. Once we reach half orbit, we will buy a shuttle and fly it to a planet that Dad discovered. He says it can support life, but hasn’t been colonized by any intellegrnt life forms that we know of. He’s an astronomer, and discovered Planet Ally (Alex and Molly combined) a few weeks before our planet was going to be taken over. No one in our family is really a fighter, so we all agreed to run. We’ve been planet hopping from safe place to safe place, getting closer and closer to Planet Ally. We will be safe there, and I can’t wait to go. Only 34 days left.

It is after lunch now. Alex and I both made friends at the cantina! We found a young human couple with a baby on the way, and two boys close to my and Alex’s ages. They met on a different moon, and came here to buy a shuttle and go exploring. Alex and I asked all of them to come with us to Planet Ally! We just need to tell Dad…. he will probably get mad at first since we didn’t talk to him beforehand, but he’ll calm down soon enough. He has a soft spot for babies.

More news! Man, today has been crazy. We went to talk to Dad, and he told us that he had made friends too! He found a lady his age that used to work with our mother, and another family that has three kids. They had four, but one caught an alien disease and died. Dad invited them to come with us too! We have enough people to actually colonize Planet Ally! I am so, so excited! I wish these 34 days could go faster! I wish this moon would orbit faster! But, unfortunately,

You can’t just accelerate the moon.




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