Just A Day in Your Life

You sit down at the table across from your wife, the other time traveler. You had decided to marry because it is the early 20th century and everyone was expecting you to get married, so you both figured – why not marry the only other person who was born in the future? But that was a few months ago. Today, you are eating breakfast, and a question pops into your head.

“Hey,” you begin.

“Yeah?” Your wife replies as she scoops eggs and bacon onto a plate.

“I just realized… I don’t know when your birthday is. Well, I mean, I know the month and the day, but not the year. I don’t know what decade or even century you grew up in. I don’t know what fashion trends you hated or what TV shows you loved. And you don’t know that about me.”

“Well, would you like to know?” She sits down at the table, having placed two full plates of food in front of each of you. You nod. “Okay. Um… Man, this is weird… I was trained to not talk about personal stuff with anyone, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. But we’re married and have no way of getting back to our own time periods, so we should probably get used to talking about personal stuff.”

“Alright. I was born in the early 22nd century.”

“I was born in the early 21st century.”

“I didn’t watch much TV, but I do know that I HATE the cylinder fashion trend.”

“Cylinder… fashion trend?” You cock your head to the side, like a confused puppy.

“Correct. People wear cylinders.”

“Like… their clothes are just cylinders? Like barrels or cans or something?”

“Pretty much.”

“I don’t believe that. It’s too… stupid!”

“Future people wear cylinders, just trust me on this.”

“Hey, I’m future people too. And I think you’re pulling my leg.”

I’m more future people than you are, because I’m from your future. You’re from my past.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it!” You sit in silence. Her eyes shoot daggers that say ‘You are such a  dumb butt. We are stuck in the 1920s. Neither of us can prove anything to anyone.’ “Yeah, well…” you mumble. “These eggs are really good.”


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