Airport Security

“I’ve never flown in a plane before,” Eliza said nervously, following Isaac as he made his way over to the line for airport security (which, thankfully, was short—the only perk of being in an airport before 6am).

Isaac showed his boarding pass and ID to a TSA agent and Eliza, after digging through her bag to find her driver’s license, followed suit. The two were told to join a line by one of the conveyor belts.

“You’ll be fine,” Isaac answered as though there had been no interruption in their conversation.

“I know, but I mean… what’s it like?”

Isaac shrugged, continuing to talk as he bent over to remove his shoes, which he wasn’t allowed to wear through security. “This is the worst part, honestly.”

“We’re not on a plane,” Eliza pointed out as she piled her luggage onto the conveyor belt.

“Sitting on a plane is easy. Security’s a pain.” He dug his phone out of his pocket and added it to the gray plastic bin where he’d already placed his shoes.

“What, it’s just like sitting in any other chair?” Eliza asked, skeptical.

“You could look at it that way.” A TSA agent waved Isaac through the scanner thingy, so Eliza stopped talking as she waited her turn, went through, and met up with Isaac on the other side of security.

“I will admit that planes don’t have much legroom,” Isaac mused, and Eliza suspected he’d been thinking about it the whole time he’d been waiting for her. “And it’s pretty loud.”

“How loud?” Elias asked. “Will it hurt my eyes?”

“Yeah,” Isaac laughed.

It’ll be so loud, your eyeballs won’t be able to handle it.

“You know I meant ears, Isaac,” Eliza complained, but she was laughing too.

“Your eyeballs will fall out of your head, it’ll be so loud.”

“I’m pretty sure that people wouldn’t go in airplanes if that happened,” Eliza reasoned.

Isaac shook his head. “You and your logic. Running a perfectly good attempt to make fun of you.”

“That’s the idea.”


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