Spare Parts

The medical scanner beeped to indicate that it was done with its scan, and Grace hurried over to read the screen.


Flashed across the device in red letters.

“Crap,” Grace muttered, staring down at her sleeping friend with some concern. She then turned away to face the door so that the house’s third occupant would be able to hear what she shouted next. “Jason!”

Grace started packing up the medical scanner but had only gotten a few seconds into the process when a man walked into the room. “What?”

“Would you go see if we have any spare parts for her?” Grace asked, indicating the figure sleeping on the couch.

“Spare parts?” Jason repeated blankly.

“Yeah,” replied Grace. “More specifically, a template for 3D printing her a kidney.”

“That bad, huh?” Jason looked a bit worried at that. “Where would that be?”

“Check the bathroom.”

“Why the bathroom?” Jason wondered.

Grace shrugged.

Friends are like toilet paper. It’s good to have extra under the sink.

If you reach my liver, you’ve gone too far.

“You keep your organs under the sink?” Jason asked.

“Where do you keep your organs?” Grace defended, digging her phone out of her pocket as she spoke.

“I try to keep them inside my body,” Jason quipped on his way out.

“Shut up,” Grace called after him, and then dialed 911.


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