Spy Misson 006

It’s Saturday evening. Alice and Alfred are relaxing in their shared apartment, celebrating the end of finals. In the next day or so they will travel home for Christmas, but for now the twins are playing the beta version of a game one of their classmates is developing.

“This is the strangest game ever,” Alfie mumbles.

“I don’t know, I like it.” Alice replies.

“It’s called ‘Moose and Squirrel’ and so far there haven’t been any moose or squirrels!”

“That’s because we have to find the moose and squirrel tokens. Like how we found the cat tokens and we turned into cats, we have to find those tokens so we can turn into them.”

“But we’ve seen other cats. And mice and birds and wolves and every single other animal that we’ve found tokens for. But we haven’t seen any moose or squirrels! Is that the purpose of the game? To find moose and squirrels? If you do that you win?” Alfie throws his controller down. “That’s stupid! Why didn’t Jaedyn tell us what the purpose of this game was?! I would never have accepted the mission! We could be doing something better with our time right now!”

“Alfie, you have to remember that this game is still in development. We’re playing it to see how Jaedyn can improve it. We can tell her to add a story or quests or something, to give people like you a clear objective. And she can keep something similar to what we’re doing right now, maybe like an ‘explore’ mode where you just run around and, well, explore.” Alice picks up her brother’s controller and hands it back to him. “Play just a little bit longer. Okay?” He sighs.

“Fine.” Alfie takes the controller. His character, which is currently a rabbit, sets off towards a cave. “She should add more maps too. I’m getting tired of this forest.” Alice’s mouse follows him.

Inside the cave, they find a floating bear token. Alfie’s rabbit hops towards it and turns into a bear. At the same moment, Alice figures out that she can jump.

“Look! My mouse can jump!” She jumps onto the bear’s head. Suddenly, the game freezes.

“Dangit!” Alfie throws the controller down once more. “Stupid glitchy beta code.” Alice giggles. “What? What’s so funny about the game breaking?”

“You’re stuck as a bear now, and I’m a mouse that lives on your head.”

Alfie rolls his eyes. “At least we can call this mission completed. We came up with some ideas for features, we have a few critiques about the controls, and we found a glitch that breaks the game.” He goes to turn the console off.

“How is jumping on your head a glitch?”

“I just think that the players shouldn’t be able to do that. It can be annoying.”

“Oh, so just because you think it’s annoying you think Jaedyn needs to do more work to make her game exactly how you want it. Classic Batman.”

“No, I just think that the game needs to be likable by a wide variety of people…” The twins continue their sibling bickering all the way to Jaedyn’s house. They give her their full spy report, and then head home.


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