Space Mission

“Space Traffic Control, am I cleared for landing? Over.”

“Yes,” came the response, “But there’s an asteroid in your path. You’ll have to avoid it by turning… uh… Space Left.” There was a pause. “Over.”

“Space Left?”

“Affirmative, Captain.”

“Okay,” the pilot responded, flicking a switch on the spaceship’s control panel. “Taking a hard Space Left. Are we still on course for landing? Over.”

“No. Negative. You’re around the asteroid, but you’ll have to turn Space Right or you’ll miss the planet. Over.”

The captain flipped the switch back the other way. “Space Right it is. Can I land now? Over.”

“Affirmative, Captain. Over.” With that, the pilot pressed a button and made to flick another switch, but before he could, the ship’s control panel fell off of the ship and went hurdling off into the vacuum of space.

“Alice! I mean Space Traffic Control! The control panel fell off my spaceship! Mayday! Mayday!” Alfie shouted, crawling around on the floor in search of the missing piece. “Oh, uh, over.”

“We’ll send out a search party. Over.” Alice replied, and started looking under the couch. “Oh, what does it look like?”

After Alfie did not respond for several seconds, Alice tried again. “What does it look like, Alfie?”

“You hafta say over,” Alfie hissed.

Alice sighed. “Over.”

“I dunno,” Alfie answered Alice’s question at last. “Legos?”

You didn’t say over,” Alice pointed out.

“Well— I— the game is on pause now,” Alfie defended.

“It wasn’t before? How’d the controls of your Lego spaceship fall off, anyway?”

Alfie looked annoyed. “They shouldn’t have. I put it together myself. I made sure to press them down onto the other Legos and everything.”

But did you press it down hard enough for temporary long-term placement?

“I guess not,” Alfie admitted. “But it should’ve been!” he added quickly.

“Is this it?” asked Alice, who was no longer paying attention and had crawled behind the TV in search of the missing piece.

“Yeah! Thanks, Alice!” Alfie grabbed the piece and hurriedly stuck it back on his spaceship. “Okay, unpause. Space Traffic Control, a recovery team has helped me fix my spaceship. I am ready to land. Over.”


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