Einstein the Hamster And The Bloody Bottle

Chloe stares at Jenny, who is beginning to panic.

“Chloe, what are we going to do?! We killed Einstein! With non-toxic paint!” Jenny stage whispers. “How does that even  happen?!”

“Well,” Chloe began, “It happened because you were cleaning out his cage while I was painting a poster and you left the door to his cage open and I put the bucket of paint under the door to his cage and he fell in and drowned.”

“In other words, we were as stupid as Crabbe and Goyle.” Chloe groans at Jenny’s millionth Harry Potter reference of the day.

“Jenny, I’m being serious.”

“I know. I was just trying to lighten the mood.”

“Thank you for your effort, but it didn’t work and we still have a dead hamster to deal with. I guess we should dispose of the body first. I’ll get him out of the paint.” Chloe reaches into the bucket and grabs Einstein’s body. “This. Is. DISGUSTING. Here, you get the honors of cleaning it.” She tosses him towards Jenny, who squeals and just barely manages to catch the dead hamster.

“CHLOE! Why would you do that?!” She shrieks.

“We can’t let the paint dry on his fur! That will make it obvious that we are the reason why he died! The teacher would kill us if she knew what happened. The first step to fixing this is washing off the paint. I suggest washing off the paint, smashing his body with that bottle over there, then make it seem like he got out and got crushed before we got here.”

“Why don’t you do it? Your hands are already dirty! And I don’t want to have anything to do with this! What if they find our fingerprints on the murder weapon?!” Jenny stage whispers.

“We can just wait for the paint to dry on my hands, then we don’t have to worry about the bloody bottle.”

“Um, what?”

“When the paint dries, I can smash the body with the bottle and place the body so it looks like the bottle rolled off the desk and landed on him. The dried paint on my hands will prevent them from finding any fingerprints. Ta-da! Problem solved. Now get to washing!” Chloe makes a shooing motion with her hands. Jenny sighs.

“I just wish Einstein had never died in the first place.” As she stands to go to the sink, the paint disappears  from the hamster’s fur. Jenny turns to look at Chloe, whose hands are also free of paint.

Squeak!”  The girls gasp. Einstein sits up in Jenny’s hands and begins to wash his face with his little paws. Jenny throws him back into his cage and locks the door.

“WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?” Jenny screams. Chloe rubs the back of her head.

“Well, you see…” She explains how whenever anyone says ‘I wish’ around her, the wish comes true. She is also allergic to time, but that doesn’t really have much to do with the wish thing. She tells Jenny about the time a little girl’s drawing came to life. She also tell her about how she found out about her strange allergy, since now that she mentioned it she had to tell the story. At the end, Jenny nodded, and then fainted. “Now I have to deal with this body.”


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