We have cleverly decided that each time a character has a name that has already been used in a previous post, those two people are not-so-secretly the same character.

This page is a list of all the characters and links to all the posts about them.

Alex’s and Molly’s family:

Alex, best known for moving to another planet and unleashing the chickens

Molly, Alex’s often petty younger sibling

Alex’s and Molly’s father, who is mentioned exactly once

Ernie, a (presumed) friend of Alex’s who is also mentioned exactly once


Chloe, Doctor Datz, and company:

Chloe, who is allergic to time and may have superpowers

Doctor Datz, who diagnosed Chloe’s time allergy and later had an existential crisis

Bellona Flamel, author of an important article

Sally, a girl Chloe babysits


Our friendly neighborhood produce-spawning superheroes:

Rachel, who has a grass collection

Scott, who can spawn apples


Two siblings who unite on spy missions:

Alfred, the one who makes the plans

Alice, the one who asks the questions


You, an unfortunate time traveller


Human Studies

Blagblorg/Jordan, the alien in a teenage human girl’s body

Deborah, Jordan’s mother and Ronald’s wife

Ronald, Jordan’s father and Deborah’s husband

Violet, Jordan’s best friend

Ryan, Jordan’s boyfriend who is dating Violet… things really need to get sorted out

Therapist, yet to be introduced but will come in eventually




The Bottled Store family and friends

Caroline, owner of The Bottled Store and mother of three

Liseth, eldest and darkest daughter of Caroline

Rose, youngest and happiest daughter of Caroline

Wilbert, only son and youngest child of Caroline

Richard, the robber who just wanted bubbles