There’s some internal consistency to this out-of-context stuff. There are several recurring characters who we put in strange situations so that we can make them say our out-of-context phrases. This page is a list of those characters and links to all the posts about them.

Alex, Molly, and Co.: Alex is best known for moving to another planet and unleashing the chickens, and Molly is her often petty younger sibling. They currently live in a colony on the planet their father discovered, Planet Ally.


Alice and Alfie: Two twins unite on spy missions. Alfred makes the plans and Alice asks the questions.


Blagblorg/Jordan/Jasmine: An alien in a teenage human girl’s body. Ronald and Deborah are the parents of the human Blagblorg accidentally inhabited. Violet was her best friend, and Ryan was her boyfriend, but now he’s dating Violet… let’s just say their relationship status on Facebook is “it’s complicated.”


Chloe: She is allergic to time and has the ability to grant wishes. Also, she’s a babysitter.


Doctor Datz: Diagnosed Chloe’s time allergy, later had an existential crisis, and created clones. He now works for JudiCorp.


Jane: A humanoid alien that has a face baby named Cactus.


Jenny: Someone many college students can relate to – she has no idea what she wants to do with her life, and once had a very trippy reading experience.


JudiCorp: The company run by the creators of this blog, Judi and Briahna. JudiCorp will one day rule the world. This is only the beginning.


Nyx: This girl can spawn fire and her posts on this blog are not her canon (as of 4/10/18) Stay tuned for updates on her.


Sally and Kassandra: Chloe babysat Sally when she was little, and then Sally grew up to befriend Kassandra and have wacky adventures.


SuperProduce: Rachel has a grass collection, Scott can spawn apples, and their friend Jason can create mad skulls from thin air.


You: An unfortunate time traveler stuck in the early 1900s.


The Bottled Store: Caroline is a mother of three and the (possibly former) owner of the Bottled Store. Her daughter Rose has forcibly taken control and started selling products of dubious morality. Liseth, the eldest, does experiments to find new products, and Wilbert is the youngest of the kids.